About partner

The National Heritage Institute is a public institution of national importance, with legal personality, subordinated to the Ministry of Culture, financed from its own revenues and subsidies from the state budget. The National Heritage Institute was established as a public institution under the provisions of art. II, point. 2, of the Government Decision no. 593/2011 regarding reorganization of Ministry of Culture subordinate institutions. The Institute activity is conducted in accordance with legal norms for its establishment, the Government Decision no. 1258/2001 regarding organization and functioning of the National Heritage Institute and the Law no. 422/2001, on the protection of historical monuments.

Between the National Heritage Institute of the tasks relevant to the project we mention:
Manages, on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, historical monuments entered with any name in the state property; provides specialized technical assistance for the Ministry of Culture work organization for protect historical monuments; periodical develop and maintain the list of historical monuments in Romania; manages the documentary historical monuments fund, including: the archive, photo library, the cartographic and library fund, which are public property of the Romanian state; the National Program for Restoration of Historical Monuments Restoration regarding funding priority for the conservation work and removal of threats for the historical monuments classified in the Historical Monuments List.

INP performs survey and research of the habits, popular traditions, traditional crafts and initiate programs for their conservation and protection;
Promotes customs and popular traditions, and contemporary popular creation; proposes areas, customs, traditions, popular creations, as well as national intangible cultural heritage values to be protected; develop and run, according to the strategy of the Ministry of Culture and international regulations in force, the rules for determining status of the areas, traditions and popular creations protected; initiates and conduct cultural programs for the conservation and promotion of traditional culture, and in collaboration with other national and international institutions and bodies protects traditional cultural environment; establish and develop the database and representative values of folk and contemporary national cultural immaterial heritage, a national and international archive system, containing the image archive, in view of the provision of specialized services – indexing unit dissemination of information on traditional culture and education, as well as exploiting these areas.